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Personal Injury

From slip and falls to automobile accidents, we’ve got you covered. Any way that you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you can sue for lost wages, pain and suffering, and in some instances punitive damages. Clark & Clark handles the following personal injury cases:

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If another motorist is at fault in an accident, you may sue for personal injuries, which are generally measured by your medical expenses and lost wages caused by the accident and an amount which may be determined by the jury for pain and suffering. Under specialized circumstances other types of damages may be recoverable.



Medical malpractice happens whenever a healthcare provider does not provides an acceptable “standard of care” to the patient’s under his or her charge.

To meet the burden of proof associated with medical malpractice, Clark & Clark would have to demonstrate that your health care provider was negligent & that this negligence lead to an injury or death.

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Property damage involves another’s negligence, willful destruction or an act of nature. In lawsuits for damages caused by negligence or a willful act, property damage is distinguished from personal injury. Property damage may include harm to an automobile, a fence, a tree, a home or any other possession. The amount of recovery for property damage may be established by evidence of replacement value, cost of repairs, loss of use until repaired or replaced or, in the case of heirlooms or very personal items, by subjective testimony as to sentimental value.

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